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Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Newlywed Move

If you’ve ever been married or moved/relocated, you know that these events can not only be blissful, but they also come with the nasty side effect of stress. Should both occur within a relatively short period of time…never fear! Here we have some great tips for newlyweds in transit.

  1. Start early, organize, and stock up on supplies.  There is nothing that adds more stress to a new relationship than time crunch. Starting a week before the actual moving day with a well devised plan and plenty of packing materials will save you from confusion, frustration, and ultimately it will allow for some time to wind down each evening with your new husband or wife.
  2. Pare down. You don’t need your ex-boyfriend’s varsity jacket, and he doesn’t need that neon beer sign. Moving creates the perfect excuse to purge all of those unused possessions, in turn saving you in potential moving costs,  and ultimately leaving you with less to unpack. Make it a fresh start in building your lives together without excess baggage!
  3. Buy one roll of brightly colored packing tape for use on boxes that you will need most immediately. You and your spouse will not have to scramble when trying to locate frequently used toiletries, comfort items, or cleaning supplies. All other boxes can be sealed with ordinary tape, but you will be grateful to easily find your most often used belongings without much effort.
  4. It’s time to hire a moving company. No more calling in to ask favors from your older brother to borrow his pickup truck. Now that you’re married, you may have moved once or twice before, but surely you have collected more than just a few tangibles by now. Call to receive quotes from multiple companies as cost tends to vary, and be sure to ask for referrals from friends and family including pricing.

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